14 Android apps that may secretly steal your money

Android Malware

Last month, security company Sophos shared a list of Android apps with Google that the company claims trick users into signing for expensive subscription services.

Called ‘fleeceware apps’, they make users unknowingly purchase hundreds of dollars worth of app subscriptions by hiding the terms & conditions.

The report shares example of several horoscope apps that are trying to sign up subscriptions worth more than $70 per week – not when users press the subscribe button, but when they press the ‘back’ button on their phones.

The security firm shared a list of over 20 such apps with Google. While some of these have been removed, we could still find 14 from the list on Google Play Store.

Here are the names:

  1. Compress Video: Video Cutter – Audio Extractor
  2. Dynamic Wallpaper
  3. Gametris Wallpaper
  4. Mojifont
  5. Montage – Help you make cool videos
  6. My Replica 2: Ethnic Origin, Celebrity Look-Alike
  7. Old Me – Simulate Old Face
  8. Photo Converter: File Converter & JPEG Converter
  9. Prank Call:Fake Celebrity call – Ownage Pranks App
  10. Recover deleted photos, Photo backup
  11. Search by Image: Image Search, Smart Search
  12. Video Magician
  13. Xsleep and
  14. Zynoa Wallpaper

Techgh24 has checked and found that indeed, all these Apps are on the Google Play Store.

If you have downloaded any of these Apps from the Google Play Store, you may be at risk of losing money so you better delete it fast.


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