Africa’s Flutterwave fund UK contactless payment startup, Dapio


African Fintech giant, Flutterwave and US-based seed accelerator, Techstars have pumped some $3.4 million into UK-based contactless payment platform Dapio.

Dapio helps businesses accept contactless payments on their Android devices by transforming Android phones into payment terminals that can accept tap and pay.

The firm works with POS vendors, banks and others, which integrate its technology into their merchant offerings.

With the funding in place, Dapio is now set to offer its first app directly to merchants in the UK and Europe.

Kosta Du, CEO, Dapio, says: “In a world where we make more transactions than ever, it’s still far too difficult for small businesses to take payments from customers.

“It’s normal for consumers to make payments using their smartphones, so why not allow small businesses to take payments as well?”


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