Binatone to give customers amazing deals on Black Friday & Christmas


Binatone, the leading brand in electrical appliances is offering amazing deals on a wide range of affordable and quality products in the Ghanaian electronics market.

This gesture is to cater for the various needs of its many customers with home and kitchen appliances during the forthcoming Black Friday and the festive season.

The company’s Head of Sales, Bighnesh Padhee disclosed that attractive deals are on offer for multiple Binatone products nationwide.

He further stated that the gesture is because it had always strived to identify trends and answer consumer needs with unique, affordable, and well-designed products.

According to him, Binatone products cover a wide range of the average person’s daily needs, saying “Be it in the food & beverage preparation, such as blenders with unbreakable jugs (now including a free stirring stick), rice cooker with saute function, juicers, kettles, microwave ovens, kitchen machine and cooling solutions such as air coolers, ceiling fans and standing fans with newly designed air freshener and mosquito repellant features.”

He said they also have power solutions such as digital voltage stabilizers, UPS and many other items available for promotional prices this season.

Bighnesh Padhee also highlighted some of the innovative products that were recently launched with affordable prices. They include an Air Purifier (AP 450), which enhances clean and dust-free fresh air as well as a crisp and pure atmosphere, adding that the product come with HEPA filter.

He also mentioned the Gourmet Machine (GM 500), which is a smart multitask equipment, capable of performing several functions, adding that the equipment is ideal for yam pounding.

Heavy duty & high-power irons with specially designed Magi-cloth to absorb the extra heat in ironing, Cool auto touch double insulated jug kettles.

“Binatone has always listened to customers by giving value added qualitative services to distinguish our products and services from other brands,” said Bighnesh Padhee.

He further explained that apart from innovation, outstanding design, and unbeatable value for money, Binatone has continued to offer 2 years warranty to all its customers on every product purchased.

Binatone, founded in the UK in 1958, is consistently delighting customers with high quality, innovative products at affordable prices.


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