Tuesday, May 30, 2023

#Squeak: Fake UN Awards

I don't blame the guy who created the fake Global Blueprint Excellence Awards that people scrambled for and used to boost their overbloated egos. I...

Open Letter to National Insurance Commissioner – wake up from your comatose Sir

The Commissioner Insurance Commissioner, Accra, August 21, 2020 Hello Mr. Justice Yaw Ofori, The last time I sent a formal complaint to the National Insurance Commission (NIC), about Enterprise...

#SQUEAKupdate: BoG intervenes in SG no stamp, signature issue

SQUEAK can confirm that Bank of Ghana (BoG) contacted Priscilla Anaman Awuah about that refusal of SG Ghana to sign and stamp her bank...

#SQUEAKgetsresult – SG Ghana issue customer with cover letter to boost MTN MoMo threshold

Following a spirited complaint and. social media advocacy by SQUEAK, about the refusal of SG Ghana to sign and stamp a customer's bank statement,...

SG Ghana, sign and stamp Priscilla’s bank statement!

Sometimes I wonder if the service providers we pay to serve us have the orientation to serve or to lord over us? I have an...

I am totally disappointed in National Insurance Commission

For those who didn't read about my experience with Enterprise Life, let be briefly tell you what happened - they took money from my...

Enterprise Life courting lazy workers or what?

Enterprise Life is either courting some lazy workers or they are intentionally playing games so that we lose the value of the insurance policy...
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