Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Google Search introduces new humming feature for phones

Google Search now supports finding songs when users hum their melodies, as well as using machine learning to better understand typos and misspellings. The new ‘hum to search’...

Vodafone’s friendly digital assistant ‘TOBi’ now on WhatsApp

TOBi, Vodafone’s friendly digital assistant is now available on the telco’s customer care WhatsApp number 0501 000 300. The chatbot, which is powered by artificial...

New App called Signal billed to beat WhatsApp

While on the surface WhatsApp remains king of the messaging hill, beneath the surface there are some worrying signs for Facebook’s flagship platform. With its 2...

Gmail get a new logo which looks more Google

Google is replacing its iconic Gmail envelope logo with a design that’s a lot more in keeping with other Google products. The new Gmail logo...

India considering home-grown app store

India was tipped to launch its own app marketplace as a substitute for Google Play Store and Apple App Store, as part of a...

Facebook connects Messenger, Instagram

Facebook has enabled Instagram users to exchange messages and calls with users on Messenger, following through on a long-discussed plan to increase interoperability between...

Google Meet getting two new Zoom features

Google has been working hard on its video conferencing tool, Meet, in an effort to compete with other platforms like Zoom. The company published a...

Android users need to manually remove these 17 infected Apps

Google recently disabled 17 Android apps infected with Joker malware, but only users can uninstall them. One of the most persistent pieces of malware targeting Android...

Google removes 17 Android apps caught engaging in WAP billing fraud

Google has removed this week 17 Android applications from the official Play Store. The 17 apps, spotted by security researchers from Zscaler, were infected...

14 Android apps that may secretly steal your money

Last month, security company Sophos shared a list of Android apps with Google that the company claims trick users into signing for expensive subscription...
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