Chango App boosts crowdfunding for Volta Tidal Waves victims


IT Consortium’s crowdfunding Chango App has been a one of the forces behind the fundraiser to mobilize GHS2 million for recent the Volta Tidal Waves victims.

Thousands of residents of Keta, Ketu South and Anlo were affected by the tidal waves and they lost their homes and livelihoods in the process.

The Volta Tidal Wave Relief Fund (VTWRF) was therefore set up by some opinions leaders from the region in collaboration with corporate Ghana to raise at least GHS2 million and some relief items to give the victims some respite.

The fundraiser focused mainly on short code *887*889# on all mobile networks, and the Chango App from IT Consortium on Android and iOS as the main channels for monetary contributions. Between Chango, the short code, and cash donations, the fund has raised some GHS27,569.51 plus some pledges.

Meanwhile, Ghana Association of Bankers have raised close to GHS1 million for the fund, the key corporate partners such as MTN Foundation and Ashfoam, have donate loads of items including food, 3,000 mattresses, and several other consumables. Senyo Hosi also donated 2,500 kilos of rice to the fund.

President of the Ghana Bankers Association, John Awuah also assured the affected residents that they will commit some of the funds to rehabilitate the affected education infrastructure in the area.

Again, the managers of the fund have identified some affected toilet and sanitation facilities and are working to rehabilitate those as well, to prevent the risk of water borne infections in the area.

They are therefore appealing to all and sundry to continue to donate to the fund so they can embark on the earmarked rehabilitation projects and provide the needed humanitarian assistance to the people of Anlo, Keta and Ketu South.

Prospective donors can still use the short code *887*889# or download the Chango App and donate on the App. The App allows individuals to donate up to GHS20,000 in a day for a public campaign like this one.

The Chango App is set for official launch on December 10, 2021 at the premises of IT Consortium.


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