Ericsson projects 5G uptake to cross half a billion this year


Ericsson has projected the rate at which 5G subscription is growing, it would reach more than 580 million by the close of 2021. 

According to Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report, that would put 5G on track to become the most swiftly-adopted mobile generation to date.

The report explained that currently, 5G is attracting about a million new subscribers per day, putting it on a trajectory to exceed a billion customers two years faster than it took 4G to hit the one billion mark.

The vendor noted that 5G growth will largely be driven by a massive commitment by Chinese operators, along with “timely availability” of compatible devices.

Ericsson said more than 160 operators have now launched commercial 5G services globally, with highest penetration in Northeast Asia, North America, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations and Western Europe.

The tech giant predicted that by the end of 2026, 5G subscriber numbers would total 3.5 billion, or 40 per cent of all global users.

The report notes that Northeast Asia is expected to top the tables in terms of outright user numbers with 1.4 billion, while North America is tipped for the highest penetration, at 84 per cent.

Monthly average data consumption by 5G devices and systems is expected to grow from 10GB per month today to 35GB.

Ericsson explained that the momentum around commercial 5G growth will be boosted by “the enhanced role of connectivity as a key component” of the economic recovery in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

EVP and head of Business Area Networks at Ericsson, Fredrik Jejdling, said the coming five years will mark “the next phase of 5G, with accelerating rollouts and coverage expansion in pioneer markets such as China, the USA and South Korea”.

“Now is the time for advanced use cases to start materializing and deliver on the promise of 5G. Businesses and societies are also preparing for a post-pandemic world, with 5G-powered digitalisation playing a critical role”, Jejdling noted.


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