Flutterwave get new CTO from Goldman Sachs

Gurbhej Dhillon

Africa’s biggest fintech, Flutterwave, has appointed a new chief technical officer (CTO). 

The company announced that Gurbhej Dhillon, former managing director at Goldman Sachs would be joining the company.

This news comes 2 weeks after the company announced another change to its C-suite management team. Earlier in June, the company announced a new chief financial officer (CFO) in the person of Oneal Bhambani who previously worked at American Express as vice president.

Both announcements follow a $250 million Series D raise which led the company to a $3 billion+ valuation. It’s also on the heels of recent allegations of fraud and insider trading levelled against the company’s management and current CEO and co-founder, Olugbenga Agboola.

What Gurbhej and Bhambani are bringing to the table

Both chiefs are coming on to push forward Flutterwave’s Series D goal: to accelerate customer acquisition in existing markets and growth through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as well as develop complementary products.

Gurbhej will be responsible for further development of Flutterwave’s innovative technology platform while Bhambani will help accelerate the company’s expansion, and further develop credit products and prepare for a potential IPO in the future.


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