Ghana: Huawei falls as Tecno rises in devices market share


The latest StatCounter data on smartphones and tablets market share in Ghana indicates the global decline of Huawei’s smart device market share has affected it fortunes in Ghana as well. 

Meanwhile, Tecno, which was missing from the top three vendors in Ghana, is now firmly at the second place, displacing even Apple.

At the global level, Huawei has completely dropped off the top five in the smartphone market, while it has been displaced to by Lenovo and Xiomi to the fifth position in the tablets market.

Per the StatCounter numbers, Huawei, which was in time past second to Samsung and ahead of Apple in Ghana, has completely dropped off the smartphone market share list.

As the table shows below, Samsung still maintained its firm lead with 21.29%, followed closely Tecno with a significant 20.22% market share.

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Transsion Holdings’ Tecno appears to be doing well since they signed on Ghanaian Dancehall and Afropop King, Stonebwoy, as that seem to have boosted the acceptability and sales of the brand.

Apple followed Tecno at number three with 17.65 per cent market share, then two other brands from Transsion Holdings, Infinix and Itel followed with 13.08% and 6.27% respectively. This indicated that Transsion Holdings actually dominates the market with its three handsets – Tecno, Infinix and Itel.

But there is a group of unknown brands which also command some 6.47 per cent of the market, yet the big boy Huawei is completely missing from from the top list.

Mobile Vendor Market Share Ghana – April 2020 – April 2021

Mobile Vendor Market Share in Ghana – April 2021
Samsung 21.29%

Tecno 20.22%

Apple 17.65%

Infinix 13.08%

Unknown 6.47%

Itel 6.27%



On the tablets side, however Statcounter reports that for the same 12-month period  Samsung sat on top of the top five with 44.8%; Apple – 16.6%; Tecno – 13.18%; Itel – 4.76%, while Huawei trials at fifth position with 4.09% market share.

Again, a group of unknown tablet brands in use in Ghana command some 10.92% market share, ahead of Itel and Huawei.

Samsung 44.8%

Apple 16.67%

Tecno 13.18%

Unknown 10.92%

Itel 4.76%

Huawei 4.09%



However, the story is a bit different for the whole of Africa, where Huawei enjoys significant support, following its rejection in several major markets across the world due to US sanctions.

Huawei smartphone market share across the Africa make the top three at third place, displaced only by Apple.

As indicated in the table below, Samsung still sits on top, followed by Apply, then Huawei, Tecno, Infinix and Oppo (another Chinese brand) in that order.

Mobile Vendor Market Share Africa – April 2020 – April 2021

Samsung 30.09%

Apple 18.66%

Huawei 16.32%

Tecno 7.13%

Infinix 4.96%

Oppo 4.66%


Again in Africa, Huawei did not do entirely badly with tablets, even though its showing was not that significant, at least, it made the top four.

For once, the tables turned at the top, with Apple replacing Samsung with a just over a three per cent lead. Huawei made fourth position with a meager 2.52% compared to Apples almost 47% and Samsung 44%.

Tecno tablets made fifth position on the continent, while an unexpected vendor, Vodafone also slid in at number six with a meager 0.72% market share.

Apple 46.88%

Samsung 43.75%

Unknown 3%

Huawei 2.52%

Tecno 1.6%

Vodafone 0.72%


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