Google-backed AIMS Ghana set to build campus at Silicon Accra


African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), a research institution backed by Google and Facebook, is set to construct its research center within Silicon Accra Technology City (Silicon Accra) at East Legon Hills.

Acting President of AIMS Ghana, Dr. Prince K Osei, who disclosed this, said AIMS had begun arrangements to construct a campus at Silicon Accra to train more students in the mathematical sciences.

He noted that the key to transforming every economy is mathematical sciences, saying that if a country wants to develop through technology, then the teaching of mathematics and science must be done effectively well.

“Before any country can begin to see technological developments, it must have a strong foundation in science and mathematics and that is the objective of AIMS,” he said.

He added that AIMS was bent on building that foundation in Ghana so that moving forward, Ghana can begin to experience technological advancement and serve as training grounds for others across Africa.

Dr. Osei said, currently, AIMS students are selected across Africa and brought to Ghana for training by lecturers from across the globe, adding that AIMS has so far trained about 500 students from across the continent, out of which 42 percent were Ghanaians.

AIMS Ghana is funded by the Ghanaian, Canadian and German government with support from Google (C-square) and Facebook.

David Osei, CEO – Silicon Accra

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Silicon Accra, David Osei said the partnership with AIMS was strategic and well inline with the core tenets of Silicon Accra.

He said Silicon Accra aims to become Africa’s global technology gateway, facilitating the local economy by nurturing ICT industry startups and entrepreneurs; driving collaboration by pooling resources, creating business opportunities and accelerating technology adoption through strategic initiatives and partnerships.

David Osei explained that the 60-acre park, located at East-Legon Hills, which is currently well under construction, is a “master planned grade A development which will be home to offices, educational centers, retail complexes, residential blocks and recreational centers.

The urban planning of the city, according to him, is designed to accommodate the technological, infrastructural, spatial planning and usability needs of today’s modern businesses and it will be one of the first master planned technological business districts in Africa.

He said the city was looking to create 10,000 jobs by the time the project is finally completed.

“I can confidently say that Silicon Accra will be one of Africa’s finest well-equipped technology innovation centers, established with the goal of advancing Africa’s economic growth,” he explained.

Silicon Accra is well on its way to creating a collaborative space where research, academia, government and businesses can work to transform the economy and spur economic growth through innovation; and the addition of AIMS Ghana, to its streak of strategic partnerships, is a testament of its commitment to lead in the African innovative space. Learn more about Silicon Accra Technology City by visiting

David Osei said discussion are ongoing with other industry players to build similar centers and offices in the technology city, which is poised to be a tech hub for capacity building, research and development for the advancement of Ghana and Africa as a whole.


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