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How to use WhatsApp’s Click To Chat to save personal notes


WhatsApp’s Click To Chat is a useful feature presented 3 years ago, but the common user doesn’t use it.

In this article we explain how to save personal notes on WhatsApp, using Click To Chat and we explain what is the advantage.

WhatsApp’s Click To Chat allows to quickly open a chat without saving the phone number in your address book. This feature has been presented more than 3 years ago, but today we want to show that it can also be used to open your personal chat, where you can send messages and media there!

In order to open your personal chat, you have to type in the browser the string https://wa.me/<number> where the <number> is your full phone number, in the international format.

You can also decide to send a message, containing that string, in any WhatsApp chat.

Do you want an example of the correct format? Suppose your phone number is +1 (123) 456-7890: the string is https://wa.me/11234567890, so you don’t have to include any symbol in the URL.

After opening that URL, WhatsApp will automatically present your own chat (or you can tap Continue to Chat if your browser doesn’t automatically redirect you to WhatsApp), and you can start to share your notes there.

Some users were used to create empty groups for the same reason, but using your personal chat can have an advantage: it does not use your mobile data, because messages and media are not sent to the WhatsApp server.



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