Huawei asks UK to reconsider ban as Trump has lost


Huawei has reportedly gone back to the United Kingdom to ask for reconsideration of the ban on them since US President Donald Trump, who triggered the sanctions on Huawei in parts of the world has lost the US elections.

Huawei has been having a turbulent period in the past two years, being a major hostage in the trade war between the United States and China. One of the setbacks the Chinese company suffered is its ban for supplying carriers with 5G equipment in the United Kingdom and other major markets.

In an interview with The Guardian, Victor Zhang, Huawei’s Vice President, said he is hoping the decision could be revisited since Donald Trump was not reelected for US President and “the new US administration would adopt a different approach.”

Initially, the United Kingdom allowed carriers to work with Huawei after detailed scrutiny that nothing malicious is happening, but after a reportedly heated “screaming match” between Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Brit eventually caved in and ordered telecoms to pull out Huawei equipment by 2027.

Victor Zhang obviously came prepared for the interview with the British media, urging “the UK to stay true to its roots as the birthplace of the first Industrial Revolution”, adding “the government could not afford to fall behind in the 5G revolution”.

He added that if the United Kingdom wants to see a balanced country, it should invest in “world-class connectivity” that is a key tool to “close the gap in the economic imbalance in the UK”. During the interview, he also said it will lead to a 5G delay, which would have an £18.2 billion impact on the economy, according to a third-party independent research firm.


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