Huawei beats Qualcomm as global leader in wireless patents in 2020


A recently published report indicates Chinese tech giant Huawei leads the charge in wireless communication patents in the world this year.

Huawei has reportedly filed 8,607 patents, a feat which contributed greatly to China being at par with the US, with both countries each accounting for about 32% of the worldwide patent numbers for 2020.

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With this performance, Huawei Technologies outperformed US-based giant Qualcomm in its output, which is indicative of its giant strides in research and development, even with the extreme market conditions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, coupled with US restrictions still in force.

In the ten-month period from January to October 2020, the company filed 8,607 wireless patents, eclipsing US chipmaker Qualcomm’s 5,807 patents filed within the same period, the illuminating report showed.

Further cementing China’s position at the top of the pack this year, were rising smartphone producer OPPO and Beijing-based database provider incoPat. Oppo followed Qualcomm in third place with 5,353 patents filed in 2020.

China and the US accounted for about 65% of the global patents, while Japan and South Korea notched 15 and 7 percent, respectively.

The list is based on public data for wireless communications patents including the next-generation 5G mobile network technology, stated incoPat.

The report (via) noted that wireless communication network technology is a fundamental component of modern communication, providing the fulcrum and catalyst for rapid development of technologies that have been the bedrock in pioneering research in 5G communications.

As the report indicates, there is active competition in wireless communications network technology and it is an important and strategic choice for companies to face international competition.

Huawei Technologies is thus poised to continue to lead the line with innovation as the race for a 5G eldorado continues to gather momentum at a frenetic pace, amidst the undue market restrictions placed on it by the United States.

5G standards

Meanwhile, besides patent filings, Huawei also leads in 5G-related contributions to 3GPP, an international umbrella organization that develops telecom standards, beating out European rival Ericsson and US-based Qualcomm, according to a report from research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics earlier this year.

3GPP this year outlined Release 16, the next phase of 5G standards that cover a range of new applications, such as autonomous driving, smart factories, and remote surgery in the health care sector.


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