iPhone 12 Mini coming with a 5.4-inch OLED display


Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch a new small-sized handset to be called iPhone 12 Mini.

Information available on gsmarenaicom indicate the new phone, due for launch in October, has a small 5.4-inche OLED display screen.

It was initially expected to be launched this month, but due to COVID-19, Apple could not finish the new smartphones in time.

The phone will come together with 11 other iPhone devices and is expected to be the smallest among the bunch.

Interestingly, the small handset was initially called iPhone 12 Max, but the name was changed to iPhone 12 Mini, even though Apple has used the word ‘Mini’ to described a number of devices in the past.

Apple’s new iPhones are coming with 5G support and powered by the company’s first chipset on the 5nm process: the A14.

According to early benchmarks of the chipset, it seems that performance gains are incremental, but should yield better battery performance.

As per previous reports – all new iPhones will arrive with 60Hz refresh rate OLED screens, and will come with smaller notches that will allow for more status icons to fit at the top.

As hinted by the incoming Apple Watch Series 5, the new iPhone lineup may not include any charging or EarPods accessories in the box – which Apple claims is supposed to cut down on electronic waste.


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