KWIKSTORE to power free online shops for Africa’s SMEs


Nigerian startup Kwik has launched an online platform called Kwikstore, to provide free online storefront that allows African SMEs and micro businesses to set up shops and build their businesses online.

Kwik says its stores are customisable, enabling users to quickly open and manage online stores, including those without technical expertise.

Kwik is originally a Nigerian startup that helps Nigerian businesses to deliver goods to their customers in Lagos and Abuja. However, with the launch of Kwikstore, it has positioned itself a key logistics, e-commerce, and financial services company.

E-commerce innovation 

Kwikstore plans to leverage Kwik’s existing logistics infrastructure to improve the e-commerce experience for its users. Simply put, Kwikstore users who also use Kwik for delivery can use the Kwik delivery app to set up their stores, and they can automate multiple processes by connecting their stores to their social media accounts.

In the last decade, the number of Nigerians on the internet increased exponentially from 20 million to 120 million, a surge that significantly improved e-commerce adoption in the country. When COVID hit, the numbers exploded, and buying online became the new normal.

From many indications, e-commerce in Africa is on its way to the moon, and this realisation is birthing an avalanche of e-commerce players, many of which are entrants from established tech businesses.

From GT Bank and Flutterwave’s entry in 2020 to Klasha’s move in 2021, and Abeg’s recent rebrand to Pocket, e-commerce is posing as a big family pie everyone wants a piece of, and Kwik is here for it


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