Mark Zuckerberg names goat Bitcoin, creates controversy


Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that he had named one of his goats “Bitcoin”.

This was seemingly an innocent announcement that, nonetheless, got the cryptocurrency sphere talking on what deeper meaning this might indicate.

While some have rationalized this as being an endorsement of Bitcoin by Facebook, others laughed it off, and yet some have suggested some weird theories.

Indeed, some created and spread their own memes in accordance with the name, but some also believe there could be greater intention behind the post.


Some users took this as a hint that Facebook had or will follow the footsteps of companies like Tesla and Microstrategy, by buying Bitcoin as a hedge and adding it to its cash reserves.

There were rumors about this last month, but Facebook squashed them during their last earnings call, denying having bought bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

According to a tale from Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, Zuckerberg’s goats have not just been pets, but food.

He described how Zuckerberg would personally kill them, immobilizing the animal with a stun gun and then use a knife to slaughter them. So some people interpreted the name to mean Zuckerberg could kill Bitcoin anytime if he really wanted to.

But all jokes aside, Facebook is said to have not been very successful in their cryptocurrency investments.

In effort to create its own cryptocurrency, first called Libra and later rebranded to Diem, the company has met opposition from the global regulatory community, who claimed a unique Facebook crypto would give the social media giant too much power.

Libra’s proposal therefore lost steam and was abandoned by some of its most significant supporters, such as Visa, MasterCard, and eBay.

Zuckerberg was even summoned to the Congress to explain the ins and outs of Libra’s proposal, and he reportedly received a severe reaction from lawmakers.

For instance, Congress’ Financial Service Committee Chairwoman, Maxine Waters criticized Facebook for its inability to resolve existing issues, and asked them to stop with development until some kind of regulatory framework existed to cover the scope of Libra.


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