Mobile Money advocacy group deny endorsing E-Levy

Mobile Money

The Mobile Money Advocacy Group, Ghana (MoMAG), a group that represents over 20,000 mobile money agents across the country has dissociated itself from news making rounds that mobile agents have declared their support for e-levy.

In a statement, signed by its National Secretary, Assem Eliah, the leadership of MoMAG said it came to their attention that a group of people claiming to be the leaders of mobile money agents have embraced the implementation of the e-levy, saying they are comfortable with the levy.

“It is against this background that the leadership of MoMAG wishes to unequivocally disassociate itself from the position of the said group,” the statement said.

MoMAG said that, as the official mouthpiece of all MoMo agents across the length and breadth of the country with a membership of over twenty thousand (20,000) agents, it understands the need for government to generate revenue through the implementation of various taxes, “but we are not in agreement with how the e-levy has so far operated since its introduction.”

According to the statement, MoMAG members have already witnessed a decline in the transfers of money from persons to persons through MoMo, leaving in its wake pressure at the banking halls.

“What this means is that people are staying away from mobile money and going back to the traditional ways of sending and receiving money, and that is posing a serious threat to their business and to the jobs they provide to hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians. At the last count, the number of MoMo agents in Ghana was over 400,000.

MoMAG noted that the introduction of e-levy is a major setback to government’s digititalization agenda and in financial inclusion in an era where about “80% of the populace” are beginning to embrace e-money and where the effects of Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine War are being felt worldwide.

“Small scale businesses are suffering from the implementation,” it stated.

Meanwhile, it recalled that in previous communications, MoMAG spelt out various challenges its members face, including robberies, killing of its members and fraud among others, but not much has been done to address those challenges, and yet government has rather implemented a tax regime that is threatening to kick them out of business.

“We are therefore taken aback by the sudden shift in position by our sister organization, which has compelled us to notify our members and all stakeholders that we are not in agreement with the new position taken by these individuals.

”The leadership of MoMAG would want to assure all stakeholders especially both MoMAG and non-MoMAG members that we will not renege on our promises neither will we shirk our responsibilities of seeking their interest in this business,” it said.

They also assured the public that they will continue to help shape policies in the MoMo business for “our mutual benefit and satisfaction.”


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