MTN launches global recruitment programme for young graduates

The MTN Group has announced a global recruitment scheme aimed at giving a rare opportunity and high-level business exposure to young people who graduated from various universities across its African operations between 2018 and now . 
The scheme, dubbed MTN Global Graduate Programme, is designed for young, energetic and enthusiastic and ambitious 1st class and second class upper graduates aged between 22-26 years, to give them the chance to explore their ideas and talents in different areas of the MTN operations, working with some the industry’s leading experts.
A statement from MTN Group said “Recruitment for our Global Graduate Programme for 2021 has officially kicked off and we are excited to meet graduates who have ambition, drive and ideas to join the MTN family.”
It explained hat this programme will provide the selected graduates with an accelerated career path and the opportunity to genuinely make a difference in their respective communities.
“Through this programme we will grant you high-level business exposure from day one where you will have an opportunity to experience rotations in different areas of our organization. This challenging and rewarding adventure will see you work alongside some of the industry’s leading experts where you will develop future solutions that will shape not only the future of our customers but yours too,” it added.
The MTN Global Graduate Development Programme combines both formal development in partnership with the MTN Global Leadership & Career team, as well as on-the-job development through placement into strategically aligned roles.
The statement said the formal component of the programme includes modules at MTN’s 3 regional learning centers, located in South & East Africa, West Africa, and the Middle East, adding that the blended learning experiences will include critical experiences, immersive experiences coupled with coaching and mentorship.
It listed the professional areas available as business intelligence and digital services.
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence in MTN is one of the most important departments that provide analytics and MIS (management information systems) enablement to the rest of the business functions.
The Business Intelligence team is the custodian of all data analytics, business reporting and market research actions that help every single business vertical like Sales, Marketing, Mobile Financial Services to be able to monitor and measure their business performances and plan their strategic and tactical goals for the future.
This team of analytics experts continuously strive to provide better visibility, deeper insights and closer knowledge about our customers’ choices and preferences thus ensuring MTN deliver meaningful products, promotions and value for money tariff offerings.
From developing simple performance reports to building complex data models or deploying analytical capabilities of tomorrow like BIG DATA platforms, MTN Business Intelligence team is the team that makes them happen.
Digital Services
Today the mobile phone is perhaps the single most omnipresent device and accessory in the lives of our customers; no longer used just for making calls but for shopping, entertainment, banking, etc.
Indeed under digital services we take advantage of emerging technologies to build mobile applications and services that leverage our high-speed internet to enrich the MTN value proposition by allowing customers to do more with their Mobile devices.
There has never been a more exciting time than now to tap into the Innovation DNA of MTN to me the lives of our customers brighter.
MTN reiterated the qualities they are looking for in candidates for the programme as follows:
Energetic and enthusiastic individuals aged between 22-26 years with a 1st Class or Upper Second university degree completed not later than 2018.
Candidates should have qualified in any of the following disciplines: Bachelors in Digital Marketing, BSc. Marketing, BSc. Commerce, BSc. Economics, and Business Administration.
“Come realize your full potential and see why we were named ‘Africa’s most valuable telecommunications brand’ in 2019,” MTN said in the statement.


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