MTN pilots “Pick & Pay Later” for phones and tablets


As MTN Ghana marks 25 years of operations, it is gearing up to launch yet another scheme that will allow MTN customers, particularly mobile money users, to purchase phones and tablets from MTN and pay later.

The scheme, dubbed “Pick and Pay Later” will enable qualified customers to choose devices (phones and tablets) of their choice and pay over a period of six to 12 months through mobile money.

TechGH24 gathered that the scheme, which runs on short code *527#, is currently being piloted among MTN staff before it will be opened to the general public.

In 2019, MTN launched the maiden edition of the Pick and Pay Later scheme, which was specifically in partnership with Samsung and Ecobank. So customers got to pick their favorite Samsung device, pre-financed by Ecobank, and then the customers paid the monthly instalments to Ecobank.

But this new one is different.

How it works

Per information about the scheme, published on MTN Ghana website, the way it works is that, customers are credit scored based on their mobile money and other network transactions on MTN over a period of time.

By dialing short code *527#, a customer would know if he or she is eligible, then follow the prompts to make the purchase and pay with mobile over time.

Currently because it is being piloted internal, the only feedback that the rest of the public gets is “Dear Customer, you are currently not eligible for Pick and Pay Later. Keep using MTN Mobile Money to become eligible”.

The telecom giant has not said when it will be rolled out to the public, but it would appear from the feedback on *527#, that the focus is more on mobile money usage than other activities on the MTN network.

Pricing & Packages

According to MTN, all devices purchase under Pick and Pay Later, come with device insurance packages covering damages, theft and loss as well as loan default.

It added that applicants are required to confirm initial payment of a specified amount through mobile money before they can pick up their device at any MTN customer service centers of their choice.

Terms and Conditions

But per the terms and conditions, all devices purchased under the Pick and Pay Later scheme will have a lock application, which the user cannot delete, and in case of a default in payment for 60 consecutive days, MTN and its partners will lock the device remotely and the user will have to access into the device.

Again, during the payment period, the customer is required to keep only an MTN SIM Card in the device, and also agree that in case of any damage to the device, he or she will be responsible and therefore continue with the monthly instalments until the payment is finished.


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