MTN to shower stakeholders with goodies @25

Noel Kojo Ganson - Chief Marketing Officer, MTN Ghana

MTN Ghana is using its 25th Anniversary to give away loads of goodies to its stakeholders all year long beginning Thursday, June 3, 2021.

Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Ghana, Noel Kojo Ganson announced this during a media briefing at the launch of the company’s Silver Jubilee at the plush Kempiski Hotel in Accra.

According to him, between now and the end of June, the first call every MTN customer makes to another MTN number in the day is free, no matter how long they speak for. The offer if called “Good Morning Ghana”.

Additionally, the first 2,500 customers who joined Spacefon at its inception in 1996 and are still with MTN, would also get free daily airtime and data packages till the end of June.

Noel Ganson said, because it is MTN’s 25th Anniversary, there is a packaged dubbed “MTN Rewards” under which every single customer will be rewarded, and that reward is such that each customer would have the freedom to decide how to use the reward – whether for airtime, data or mobile money.

“That reward would not be coming from any individual at MTN but it will just show up on the customer’s phone and he or she can decided in what form to utilize it,” he said.

The company would also be giving away 25 cars in a national promotion in the course of the year, and the cars would be spread across the 16 regions of the country to ensure that MTN customers in all the regions get their fair chance at winning a car.

According to Noel Ganson, the promotion would NOT require customer to pay any money or purchase anything from MTN to claim prizes, but customer would just have to continue using the various MTN services like calls, browsing, sending SMS, use mobile money etc and gather points to qualify for the promo.

“And when a customer wins any prize, the person would only be called with 0244300000 to go for his prize – any call from any other number, or SMS or WhatsApp link claiming to be from MTN is fake,” he cautioned.

He noted that there are reward packages also planned alongside side celebrations by the various units of MTN, such as the Mobile Money month, Enterprise as well as Fibre units of MTN, to benefits specific groups of stakeholders associated with those units.

Noel Ganson said the icing on the cake would be the launch of a big technological innovation on MTN, which would be another first in the country.

“This new innovation will be something that will revolutionalize the way we interact on MTN – please watch out for it, plus other innovations planned throughout the year,” he said.

Noel Ganson said this is the time for all MTN customers who have thrown their SIM cards away to go get them back and reactivate them, and new customers who join the network would also benefit from the rewards.


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