Nominations open for Digital Equality Awards


Coalition for Digital Equality (CODE), a network connecting local and international stakeholders to address the digital gender divide and drive sustainable economic growth in Africa, has opened nominations for the inaugural ‘Digital Equality Awards’ in Ghana and Uganda.

The Digital Equality Awards will recognize digital impact makers in Ghana and Uganda in order to promote and amplify their work.

The Award categories are:

  • Digital Skills Champion
  • Digital Inclusion Innovator
  • Research and Knowledge Builder
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship and Investment Champion

Eunice Baguma Ball, Ecosystem Development Consultant said: “Despite the difficulties during the pandemic, individuals and organisations have forged on to enable digital inclusion and improved digital skills for women and girls across the continent.

A prosperous and inclusive digital Africa is possible if we pool our efforts and resources towards that goal. It is for this reason that we have launched the Digital Equality Awards to recognise, particularly, individuals and organisations in Ghana and Uganda for their continued efforts in this space.”

Nominations are open for submission from May 27, 2021 and will close on June 27, 2021 via the following link:

Eligibility criteria and assessment details are available on the CODE website.

Digital Equality Awards is a CODE initiative.


Coalition for Digital Equality (CODE) is a network connecting local and global stakeholders to collaborate in addressing the digital gender divide and drive sustainable economic growth in Africa. Starting in Uganda and Ghana, CODE connects African digital ecosystem actors with UK academic and industry partners. As part of our mission to build a more equal and prosperous African digital future, we want to recognize the work that individuals and organizations are doing to make the digital space more inclusive for women and girls.


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