Photos: MTN holds Health Walk for journalists


The communications team at MTN Ghana took journalists on a hike from Ayi Mensah to Aburi Mountains as part of its commitment to ensuring a holistic development of journalists in the country.

MTN has over the years invested in training journalists and providing them with resources to do their work. But almost all of those activities have been sit down sessions. The walk is therefore to give a boost to the physical fitness and health of the journalists to make them do their work even better.

Participants in the walk included members of Network of Communications Reporters, Journalists for Business Advocacy, Institute of Economic and Financial Journalists and the Sports Writers Association of Ghana.

The walk ended at Aburi Botanical Gardens, where there was an aerobics session and refreshments, plus a tag of war between SWAG and Business/Telecoms journalists. SWAG won the day.

Pump all four wheels

Michael Amankwah (Don Miller), Founder, The Mental Catalyst

There was a special treat in the form of inspirational talk from Michael Amankwah, aka Don Miller, Founder of The Mental Catalyst (TMC).

He urged participants to commit to living their lives in full by keeping what he called the four wheels of life fully inflated.

Don Miller explained that the four wheels of life are your health, spirituality, mental capacity and emotions, saying that in the same way a vehicle cannot move when one wheel is down, the human being cannot function optimally without all four wheels fully pumped.

He therefore urged participants to exercise regularly to improve their health, saying that “you can make all the money in the world, but if your health is bad you will never enjoy life.”

The TMC Founder also recommended regular reading for mental development, daily devotion for spiritual enhancement and keeping good relationships through emotional intelligence.

He said TMC will be organizing hikes to Mount Afadzato in Ghana, Klimanjaro in Tanzania and eventually to Mount Everest and he would encourage everyone to join and experience the values of patience and endurance, and how to strategize for life, overcome challenges and also expand your horizon.

Head of Corporate Communications at MTN Ghana, Georgina Asare-Fiagbenu thanked journalists for showing up in their numbers to make the event a success.

Head of Corporate Communications at MTN Ghana, Georgina Asare-Fiagbenu

On the back of the inspiring talk by Don Miller, she said “We seriously need to inflate all four tyres. Consequently we will introduce regular walks both at the individual and corporate levels.”

Georgina Fiagbenu said MTN will follow up on the mountain hiking proposal to either Amedzokpe or Afadjato, adding that “We will also launch our MTN Republic Book club to drive a reading challenge among our partner journalists.”

She also urged all interested persons to join the TMC group to help them deliver on their personal goals.

Georgina Fiagbenu has therefore set up an ad hoc committee to work towards the proposals towards realizing those goals.


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