RiseBack Edtech comes to Africa soon with affordable, quality distant education


India is gradually taking over the world with affordable but quality distant education via digital platforms. One of such platforms is RiseBack, which is set to launch in Africa on August 10 and brings African students quality and affordable education from Indian universities in the comfort of the homes .

But ahead of coming to Africa later this month, RiseBack is platform to offer affordable undergraduate & graduate degree programs to American students from Indian universities.
“Students don’t need to worry about high cost of education and student debt,” a statement from RiseBack, copied to Techgh24 said.
The statement quoted RiseBack Founder, Dr. Tausif Malik, an Indian-American Social Entrepreneur as saying “RiseBack is a small step in empowering the students to earn their future without student debt, this would make them more confident achieving their higher professional goals, leading to higher disposable income triggering economic activity at an early stage in their lives.”

RiseBack is one of the first and only EdTech platforms offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs and has partnered with leading Indian universities to offer affordable colleges degrees to American students and later to African students.

Dr. Tausif Malik Founder, RiseBack

Dr. Malik said “The current situation in America doesn’t offer affordable undergraduate and graduate degree programs to students. RiseBack would be a game-changing idea and would trigger a paradigm shift or a disruptor in the American education system”.

Students can study for undergraduate and graduate degrees at affordable fees and they don’t need to worry about the high cost of education and student debt.

The objective of RiseBack, he noted, is to leverage globalization by connecting students with Indian universities, so they achieve their personal and family dreams of gaining college education.

Indian universities are established under the University Grants Commission of India and degrees are accepted in America and globally, hence Americans can pursue their professional and academic careers. The same applies to African students with degrees from India.

RiseBack benefits to students

  • Affordable Education
  • Study from the comfort of your home
  • Work and study at your convenience
  • Path to earn and achieve professional goals

RiseBack also offers skill and professional training and certification programs * US Evaluation of Degrees assistance * Recruitment assistance * Internship assistance * Incubation and Acceleration services for students startups and more.

How does RiseBack work?

  • RiseBack is an EduTech platform, where students can review, choose and register for undergraduate degree programs – A, B.Com, BBA, BCA and Masters (Graduate) degree programs MA, M.Com, MBA, MCA degree programs offered by Indian universities.
  • The Indian universities directly deliver the lectures, assignments, and tests to the students.
  • RiseBack offers value-added courses related to the student’s undergraduate and graduate degree program or as per their career objectives.

America has over the years attracted the best talent to study at American universities, and these professionals contribute to every facet of local and global economy, innovation, and research. Many of them are from India and got their undergraduate, master’s, or doctorate degrees from Indian universities.

Indian universities have over the years created super successful alumni who are heads of Fortune 500 companies, Noble Laureates, Scientists, Academicians, IT Professionals, Serial Entrepreneurs & investors.

Indeed, majority of the tech giants across the world are headed by Indians, and that is testimony to the quality of Indian education.

Dr. Malik concludes that this would be the best partnership for both countries and it would be a win-win situation.


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