Samsung to release Galaxy Notes 20 & 20 Ultra 5G this month


Samsung is set to release its new and surprising Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra 5G handsets on August 21, 2020.

Prior to the release date, the two sleek phones, each of which come in three different mystic colors, will be available for preorder August 6 in the developed markets.

The Note 20 comes in mystic brown, mystic black and mystic gray, while the Note 20 Ultra comes in mystic brown, mystic black and mystic white.

Samsung Galaxy Notes 20 and 20 Ultra comes in mystic colors

While the Note 20 displays a 6.7 inch flat FHD+ Super AMOLED Plus screen, the 20 Ultra spots a 6.9 inch edge Quad HD+ Dynamic display screen, each coming with a special stylus pen.

The two 5G phones have been designed with “juiced-up cameras and some features better suited for the boardroom than the living room”.

“The Note line has always stood for software and specs that went above and beyond. While many of the features and updates, like new S Pen gestures tuned to operating PowerPoint presentations. It is designed for the post-COVID-19 era,” reports said.

It said that is not to say that the Note 20 and 20 Ultra won’t have a place in the who’s who list of 2020 phones, though it’s too soon to know.

For more specs, click on this link

Coming with a thick three-camera bump on the back staring out like a set of compound eyes, the Note 20 is priced at $1,000 (GHC5,770), while the 20 Ultra goes for  at $1,300 (GHC7,500).

Meanwhile, reports that the pricing took the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the world and priced the very powerful handsets just $50 above that of the Note 10 released a year before.

Even though the handsets are said to have been prices relatively low, considering the features they comes with, the prices are still at levels that would need to be adjusted downwards to suit patrons in developing markets like Ghana.


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