Samsung to update software in 3 Galaxy A-series phones to Android 13

Samsung to do software update for 3 Galaxy A-series phone

Samsung has announced that it would improve its long-term software support to three years for its flagship phones, starting with the Galaxy S10 series.

New information, however, indicates that the support may trickle down to the Galaxy A-series, most likely starting with the Galaxy A71, A51, and A90.

The global smartphone market leader had originally announced that it would improve its software update policy for its flagship phones by matching OnePlus and Google with three major OS updates, starting with the Galaxy S10 series.

“Apparently, that perk may also be valid for the company’s high-end Galaxy A-series,” SamMobile reported.

SamMobile is an authority on everything Samsung.

The report cited an official statement by Samsung, saying that the company may look to also provide some of its Galaxy A-series devices with three OS updates.
“Supposedly, Samsung is still trying to figure out which phones will enjoy that benefit, and will communicate after deciding via the Samsung Members app—before the end of the year,” it added.

While there’s no official decision yet, the report said, it’s logical to assume that if the company does decide to go on with this, it will likely kick things off with the more expensive Galaxy A-series phones.

It added that, it’s also sensible to assume it will start with the newest models, which narrows the list down to the Galaxy A71 and, possibly, the Galaxy A90. The Galaxy A51 could also get a similar treatment.

Of the three, the A71 is the most likely. It’s positioned towards the top of the lineup, less than a year old, powered by relatively recent silicon, and was released with Android 10.
That in mind, there’s a high chance Galaxy A71 owners will receive three OS updates, which will see them get Android 13.


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