Samsung’s Find My Mobile app can now locate Galaxy devices even when offline


Samsung’s Find My Mobile app is designed to help users remotely locate their device while online, can now help used locate Galaxy devices even if the device is offline.

The App, which is also able to back up data to Samsung Cloud, delete local data, and block access to Samsung Pay in case of loss or theft, required a working network connection to perform all of the aforementioned functions.

This meant that if your device loses network coverage, there’s no way for you to locate it using the app.

“But thankfully, Samsung is now rolling out an update for the Find My Mobile app which addresses this issue,” reports.

The latest update for the Find My Mobile app (version adds a new ‘offline finding’ feature that will let you find your phone using someone else’s Galaxy device, even when your device isn’t connected to a network.

The feature is reportedly also able to to let other users use your phone to scan for lost Galaxy devices that may be nearby. Additionally, the feature will let you find Galaxy Watches and earbuds if they were connected to your device.

Explaining how it works, the website said “your phone will display a notification for the new feature as soon as you receive the latest Find My Mobile update on your Samsung Galaxy device – tapping on the notification will instantly open up the respective settings page, where you’ll be able to enable the feature by tapping on the toggle in the top right corner.

“You’ll also be able to encrypt your offline location from the same settings page. Once the feature is turned on, you’ll be able to find your phone even if it’s not connected to a network.”


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