SC Mobile allows customers to open bank account remotely

In this age of virtual everything, many banks in Ghana still insist on potential customers visiting their branches to open an account, but Standard Chartered Bank Ghana has completely eliminated that hustle for prospective customers.
Through their SC Mobile App, the bank allows customers to open a complete bank account without having to visit any branch physically.
Some banks allow certain types of account to be opened through their Apps, but there are restrictions as to what such remotely created accounts can be used for.
However, the SC Mobile App has removed any restrictions from remotely-created accounts and allows the customer to start the process and be assisted mid-way to provide the necessary KYC details for a full account to be opened, with accompanying ATM card.
In a write up, the bank said “With SC Mobile…from the comfort of you mobile phone, you can open an account, transfer funds or access and complete most of the service needs that would typically require you to visit a branch.”
The bank explained that SC Mobile allows the customer to open either a Current, Savings Plus or Fixed Deposit account in just 15 minutes, adding that the App offers all the benefits of owning those account types, which are available in multiple currencies.

“With SC Mobile, you have the power of banking in your palm [so] say goodbye to long queues and do your banking anywhere and everywhere,” it said.

It said the App is also flexible and user-friendly, such that even when one is unable to finish the application process in one go, “you can save and resume your application at anytime.”

SC Mobile, the bank said, allows the customer to see, move and manage his finances anytime, anywhere, and also allows the user to transfer funds to accounts within Standard Chartered Bank and to other local and international destination accounts.

“You can also use your SC Mobile for other daily transactions such as airtime and data bundle purchases, mobile money transfers and utility bills payments including DSTV subscriptions, ECG and Ghana Water bills,” it said.

SC Mobile also enables the user to execute and track progress of a majority of services available in his or her banking halls.

“Avoid the queues and enjoy the convenience of banking everywhere – SC Mobile certainly gives you more time to do the things you love and not to worry about banking – with SC Mobile, the customer has the power of banking in his or her palm,” the write up said.

User experiences

Meanwhile, some users of the App have rated it five star, speaking about it user friendliness and convenience.

One user, Prince Boadu Awuah wrote on Facebook, “The Best ever. I give them 5 star because it is the only bank in Ghana that provides opening account online without having to visit the bank in person. Also they offer the best security, request and response on this App is on the go, and without an initial deposit you can still have an account (E-youth Account). I received my Visa debit card for free at my office through their agents. In fact you are the best in Ghana.”

A customer who calls himself Nzrub, wrote “I love this app and I enjoy it”, while another customer, Partho Chowdhury described the App as “excellent, user friendly, convenient and easy to use.”

Amir Sohel thinks the App is great and has a fresh look, but he wants the login and logout to be a bit quicker and smoother.

I have personally signed on to the App and I have super impressed with the fact that it allows me to open a complete deposit free bank account without any restrictions.

In fact I got assistance to send my selfie picture, a picture of my ID and a picture of my signature and within minutes I got confirmation with my bank account number and a promise for my bank to be delivered later. I find that very progressive.

SC Mobile App is downloadable from both the Google Play Store and Apple Store.


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