SpaceSniffer: Free storage space saver


A common problem facing most Windows users is identifying what is taking up space on their storage drive.

We have all been there, one day you realize that your hard drive icon is red, you proceed to delete all the movies and series stored locally on your device with little result and wonder what is taking up all the storage. The solution? SpaceSniffer!

SpaceSniffer is free software that provides a real-time, bird’s eye view of what is occupying every corner of your hard drive.

How it works

This software performs a quick scan on your hard drive and presents files and folders in a proportional area chart with a drill-down feature that allows the user to explore the contents of each box.

The size of each box is proportional to the size of data it contains i.e., the larger the box size the larger the file or folder size. This simple instinctive visualization employed guides the user to easily identify large files occupying space on the drive that might otherwise be difficult to locate.

It is important to note that not all files must be deleted; some files or folders contain Windows system files or installed programs so, delete with caution.

Intermediate users can easily search their drives by file type, size, age, attributes, folder names and much more using the file masks provided in the user manual.

SpaceSniffer also allows the user to analyze the contents of network storage and external storage devices.

No installation

SpaceSniffer does not require installation to run, all you do is run the SpaceSniffer executable file (SpaceSniffer.exe) after unzipping.

It is a powerful application that provides the user valuable insights into how storage had been distributed on their Windows computer, enabling the user to easily identify what to remove to free space.


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