#SQUEAKupdate: BoG intervenes in SG no stamp, signature issue


SQUEAK can confirm that Bank of Ghana (BoG) contacted Priscilla Anaman Awuah about that refusal of SG Ghana to sign and stamp her bank statement. They asked her to return to the bank’s Head office on Monday, August 10, 2020 and the bank statement will be signed and stamped.

That is very positive, even though a bit late in the day. The lady got the Fanofaa branch manager to sign a letter saying they don’t stamp and sign bank statements, and she was able to use that to get MTN to boost her mobile money threshold.

But SQUEAK still commends BoG because it shows they, at least, called the bank and ordered them to sign and stamp the statement before contacting the lady with solution.

BoG actually gave Priscilla a contact person’s name and a contact number of the person to facilitate the signing and stamping.

This is testimony of the truth in the statement that “if you refuse to do the simple right thing deliberately, we will force you to do it.”

SQUEAK thinks BoG must go the extra mile and order the bank to abolish that rubbish policy for good.

Once again, it is a win for the consumer.

Meanwhile, we sent a complaint to BoG about the way the Absa Mobile App times the user out when one is reading their terms and conditions. SQUEAK finds that faulty, and thinks BoG must intervene to ensure that customers are given ample time to read the T&Cs, which form the basis of the relationship between the bank and the customer.

SQUEAK is still standing by for the result on that one.

Meanwhile, we are not done with NIC and Enterprise Life yet, as CAL Bank and Ayo Insurance also appear on our radar?

Little drops of water, they say, make a mighty ocean. We will keep pushing little by little till we get best practices entrenched and made the norm.



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