Surfline set to provide digital solutions against cyberattacks, disasters

Akinola Martins, Enterprise Business Manager, Surfline

Surfline Communications, Ghana’s the leading broadband wireless access (BWA) operator, has launched a suit of internet business solutions designed to provide dedicated internet service, business continuity, pre-emptive digital protection and disaster recovery solutions for business in Ghana.

The offer, dubbed Surfline Internet and Business Solution (SIBS), comes with a multitiered data protection and business continuity, cyber protection and disaster recovery, digital risk protection and dedicated internet solutions among other things.

At the launch, Enterprise Business Manager at Surfline, Akinola Martins noted that Surfline has now transitioned from a company that provides dongles, routers and basic internet service to a solutions company that provides protection for businesses against both digital and physical disasters.

Akinola Martins, Enterprise Business Manager, Surfline

“We have the solutions to ensure what we call business continuity in the event your business faces a fire outbreak or flood that destroys your data and information, or if there is a remote cyberattack on your systems,” he said.

According to him, Surfline is now well positioned to enable businesses to continue with normal operations seamlessly even when they face physical disasters or cyberattacks that damage their data and information.

“SIBS provides a multiple layer data backups and protection that ensures that you have access to the data needed to function normally as if nothing even happened to your system,” he said.

He also noted that businesses that have social media accounts are also at risk of being attacked through those channels as well, so Surfline has digital protection solutions for that as well – solutions that enables businesses to have control of their social media and email accounts even in the event of remote attacks by cybercriminals.

Akinola Martin said in addition to the protection that ensures business continuity in the face of disaster, SIBS also comes with VMS (virtual management service) that eliminates the paper trail and ensure electronic access for clients; adding that they also provide VPN (virtual private network) services.

He is therefore urging small and medium scale business (SMEs) and the big corporates in Ghana to reach out to Surfline and avail themselves of the reliable digital protection, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that SIBS provides.

“Whether is is fibre, microwave, radio solutions or anything beyond just plain internet service you can always call on Surfline and we will be at your service,” he said,

The Enterprise Business Manager assured prospective clients that Surfline is committed to working within their budget to provide both online and offline solutions backed by dedicated customer service to ensure seamless operations even in the face of devastating physical and digital disasters.

Commercial Director at Surfline, Isaac Armar said the launch of SIBS means Surfline’s offers now go beyond just digital connectivity to providing reliable protection against disasters and cyberattacks at a very competitive rate.

“What this means is that your business will be free from any interruptions no matter what happens because SIBS will ensure a seamless operation of your business in the midst of the attacks and or disaster,” he explained.

He said the added value from SIBS is that, it also allows business owners and their staff to access their systems remotely on any device from their homes or anywhere in the world and work smoothly no matter what happens to the system.

“So even if there is a road construction or some accident which is making it difficult for you to travel to the office in time, SIBS makes it possible for you to remotely access your systems and work from wherever you are without any interruption,” he added.

He noted that SIBS was designed by Surfline and its expert partners on the idea that businesses should not be exposed to wicked cybercriminals and or be vulnerable to natural and physical disasters, adding that a small investment by businesses into SIBS will go a long way to provide the needed protection and ensure business continuity no matter what.

Prior to the launch, there was a workshop, during which participants were educated on the risks they run without digital protection both across their networks and social media platforms.

One of the expert speakers, Anthony Angmor noted that the world of business comprises of only two categories – those who have been hacked and those who will be hacked, emphasizing that solutions like what SIBS offers are therefore a no brainer.

Another speaker explained how cybercriminals can use simple social engineering on unsuspecting individual workers to hack the systems of businesses, hence the need to have solutions like SIBS to ensure that when it happens, the business is well protected.


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