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GSMA warns spectrum shortage could escalate 5G rollout cost

The GSMA is calling on tech industry regulators across the globe to boost mid-band spectrum availability, cautioning that without additional allocations, it could cost...

Mobility-as-a-Service to displace 2.2 billion private car journeys by 2025

A new study by Juniper Research has found that MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) will displace over 2.2 billion private car journeys by 2025. This, according to the...

Orange eyes Huawei for 5G Africa roll-out

France telecoms market leader, Orange have said they will avoid using equipment from Chinese vendors for 5G in Europe, but they see no issue...

Ericsson projects 5G uptake to cross half a billion this year

Ericsson has projected the rate at which 5G subscription is growing, it would reach more than 580 million by the close of 2021.  According to...

Vodafone picks Samsung for 5G network

Vodafone UK has chosen Samsung as a supplier for its 5G infrastructure, as it seeks to extend its coverage. One analyst described the move as...

Vodafone, others join forces to commercialize 5G in Germany

Vodafone Germany has teamed up with Ericsson, Qualcomm and Oppo to commercialize its 5G standalone network in Europe, in what was claimed as a...

Kenya: Safaricom launches first 5G network in East Africa

Kenya's leading telecoms operators, Safaricom has launch 5G technology trials for its customers in that country. The trial, which is for both individual and enterprise...

Nokia banks hopes on pivotal role in long 5G peak

Nokia has fleshed out its business turnaround plan, with CEO Pekka Lundmark (pictured) challenging the company to elevate itself into a position to shape...

Nokia targets low energy consumption 5G base stations

Nokia has taken aim at the energy used by its next-generation technology by pledging to half 5G base station power consumption by 2023, following...

UK operators sink £1.4 billion in latest 5G auction

The four mobile operators in the UK pledged a combined £1.36 billion in a swiftly contested auction of fresh allocations of 5G suitable frequencies,...
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