Saturday, December 5, 2020
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China claims US app bans violate WTO rules

China has argued attempts by the US government to ban TikTok and WeChat due to national security concerns violate World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules,...

Judge blocks US WeChat ban

A federal judge temporarily blocked a move by the US government to ban downloads of Chinese messaging app WeChat, stating a lawsuit by users...

224 Chinese apps banned in India; Ghana still exposed

The Indian Ministry of Information and Technology has bans some 224 Chinese apps over security concerns. It first banned 59 Chinese apps, then another 47...

TikTok launch legal action against Trump over ban

Chinese video-sharing app TikTok has gone to court to challenge a ban imposed by US President Donald Trump. President Trump's executive order prohibits transactions with...

YouTube bans videos containing hacked information that could interfere with US...

As Democrats and Republicans prepare to hold their national conventions in the USA, starting next week, YouTube on Thursday announced updates to its policies...
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