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Nigeria: 3 banks fined for flouting CRYPTO trading restrictions

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has fined 3 of the country's commercial banks for flouting a cryptocurrency trading restriction levied a year ago,...

eCedi: BoG to empower banks and curtail Mobile Money?

Some key financial sector stakeholders are concerned that signals in the Bank of Ghana's eCedi Design Paper that the central bank is seeking to...

Banks play catch up to telcos in Africa financial services race

Billionaire Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates once said that banking will always be needed but banks will not. It speaks to the fact that digital...

Nigeria banks run to regulator for cover from Fintech

Nigerian banks’ dominance of their home turf is virtually unparalleled. Largely protected by regulators from foreign competition, Nigerian lenders control 94% of their domestic market,...

Fintech apps outperform banks during pandemic in 2020

A report from mobile analytics platform, App Annie indicate that in 2020, finance app downloads grew by 15% during the pandemic and mobile fintech...

MTN Nigeria considers pricing change after row with banks

MTN Nigeria has started consulting with domestic banks to secure a long-term agreement on a sustainable pricing structure for selling products. The move is part...

MTN Nigeria payments access restored by banks

Banks have restored MTN Nigeria’s access to platforms needed for customer airtime purchases, which were temporarily halted in a tag of war over commissions. Nigerian...

Forbes Fintech Awards 2020: Fintechs give banks a wake-up call

This past year was a whirlwind for fintech. The pandemic hit many businesses like a hurricane, with lenders suffering the most damage. But as...

US$5 billion fintech firm TransferWise posts fourth straight year of profitability

TransferWise, one of Europe’s most valuable private financial technology firms, just posted its fourth consecutive year of profitability. The online money transfer service said this...

Market value of big Fintech companies rises to $1 trillion, more...

There may be a changing of the guard underway in financials as the value of Fintech companies begin to top that of traditional banks. The...


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