Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Jack Dorsey’s Block invests in African bitcoin miner

Jack Dorsey’s Block is among the companies contributing to a funding round for a bitcoin miner in Africa fired by renewable power. Digital payments firm Block...

Block faces lawsuit over Cash App breach

Block is facing a Class Action lawsuit over a Cash App Investing data breach last year that impacted 8.2 million customers. Block in April informed...

Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey launch bitcoin academy

Jay-Z has teamed up with Jack Dorsey to launch a free bitcoin education academy in the Brooklyn public housing complex where the rapper grew...

Facebook blocks Australian users from viewing or sharing news

Facebook has blocked Australian users from sharing or viewing news content on the platform, causing much alarm over public access to key information. It comes...

WhatsApp users to be blocked unless they accept new rules

WHATSAPP users will be left without access to the popular chat platform unless they accept new terms the Facebook-owned company has confirmed. WhatsApp appears to be...


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