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ITU ranks Ghana 3rd in Africa on cybersecurity

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has rated Ghana number three in Africa on its Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI). Ghana scored 86.69 per cent for secure cyberspace...

Gaming Apps most malicious amid Covid-19 – Report

In year 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Upstream's global anti-fraud and cybersecurity platform, Secure-D discovered hundreds of thousands of malicious apps on across various...

China cybersecurity unit targets deepfake threat

China’s cybersecurity regulator is seeking answers from many of country’s top tech companies about how to tackle a growing threat from fake multimedia content...

US cyber-attack: Around 50 firms impacted by massive breach

The cyber-security firm that identified the large-scale hacking of US government agencies says it "genuinely impacted" around 50 organisations. Kevin Mandia, CEO of FireEye, said...

Jupyter trojan: Newly discovered malware secretly steals usernames and passwords

A newly uncovered trojan malware campaign is targeting businesses and higher education in what appears to be an effort to steal usernames, passwords and other...

Google removes 17 Android apps caught engaging in WAP billing fraud

Google has removed this week 17 Android applications from the official Play Store. The 17 apps, spotted by security researchers from Zscaler, were infected...

14 Android apps that may secretly steal your money

Last month, security company Sophos shared a list of Android apps with Google that the company claims trick users into signing for expensive subscription...

224 Chinese apps banned in India; Ghana still exposed

The Indian Ministry of Information and Technology has bans some 224 Chinese apps over security concerns. It first banned 59 Chinese apps, then another 47...

Android users are being secretly defrauded by Triada malware – Secure-D...

Secure-D, a global leading anti-fraud platform that protect mobile transactions, is warning Android device users across the world of an existing and well-known malware...
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