Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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NCA to deactivate unregistered SIM Cards from March 10

Owners of SIM cards who have not completed stage-two of the ongoing re-registration exercise will have their service deactivated after March 10, 2023, the...

SIM Cards to be disconnected November 1 – MTN reminds customers

MTN Ghana is urging customers who have not completed their SIM Card registration with the Ghana Card to do so by October 31, 2022,...

Twitter shares to be suspended from trading

Twitter shares will be suspended from trading on Friday as billionaire Elon Musk faces a court-ordered 28 October deadline to close his US$44-billion deal...

Twitter losing most active users, documents show

More than a handful of celebrities on Twitter are ghosting their own accounts, Reuters has reported, citing internal Twitter research it has seen.  Twitter is...

Unregistered SIM holders to be PUNISHED from Monday, Sept 5

Holders of all unregistered and partially registered SIM Cards in the country will be punished from Monday, September 5 and their SIM Cards will...

WhatsApp explains new privacy policy to customers as deadline nears

As the May 15 deadline for Facebook to implement the new privacy policy on WhatsApp, the tech giant has started explaining the policy to...


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