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Huawei pumps $22-billion into R&D to beat US sanctions

China’s largest tech giant Huawei Technologies invested a significant US$22.1 billion into research and development with the aim of thwarting crippling US trade and...

Huawei profit hits record high despite revenue slide

Chinese tech giant Huawei chalked its highest annual profit ever in 2021 due mainly to one-off gains from the sale of its Honor sub-brand...

India: Nokia to replace Huawei at Vodafone Idea

Nokia has reportedly entered talks with Vodafone Idea in India to replace Huawei radio equipment in parts of the operator’s 4G network, in what...

Huawei finds way into Mobile Payments amid Google ban

Huawei is skirting around US restrictions that prevent it from using Google's Android software by installing NFC payments functionality across its smart phones with...

HUAWEI gears up for continued challenges in 2022

Huawei rotating chairman Guo Ping has stated in an annual internal New Year’s message, that even though its carrier business remained stable and enterprise...

Huawei switches to SOFTWARE, CLEAN ENERGY as sales drop again

Huawei Technologies is reportedly gearing up to step up investment in software and digital power technology, as it seeks to overcome US sanctions that...

Canadian telcos spend $700M on Huawei tech amid security concerns

Canadian telecom companies spent more than $700 million on Huawei equipment while the Liberal government delayed a decision on banning the Chinese company on...

Huawei to license handset technology – Report

Huawei’s handset division is reportedly negotiating with two domestic retailers to license its smartphone designs to bypass US sanctions. Bloomberg reported that state-owned China Postal...

US telcos to physically removing Huawei, ZTE equipment soon

In the coming months, many telecoms companies in the United States will start physically ripping out all Huawei and ZTE equipment from their respective...

US sanctions take a hard toll on Huawei’s revenue

Huawei’s revenue for the first nine months of 2021 fell by almost a third year-on-year, largely attributed to its consumer business where it suffered...


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