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Ghana: Huawei falls as Tecno rises in devices market share

The latest StatCounter data on smartphones and tablets market share in Ghana indicates the global decline of Huawei's smart device market share has affected...

Analysts hail boom in smartphone shipment in Q1 this year

A number of industry analyst companies have issued global smartphone shipment figures illustrating large year-on-year increases the first quarter of 2021. Each of the reports...

Huawei to charge phone makers for 5G patents

Chinese tech giant Huawei has said it will begin charging smartphone makers royalties of up to $2.50 for each 5G-enabled handset they sell that...

Huawei turns to car sale to offset dip in handset business

Chinese tech giant, Huawei has started selling its branded Chinese-made cars to offset the drastic decline in its global handset business due to US...

Smartphone shipments hit 340 million in Q1 2021

Global smartphone shipments figures for the first quarter of this year, put out by UK-based consultant, Strategic Analytics indicate that already some 340 million...

Huawei fingered for possible eavesdropping on Dutch telco’s customers

Embattled Chinese tech giant, Huawei could face possible sanctions in the Netherlands for allegedly eavesdropping calls made on leading Dutch telecoms operator, KPN. Dutch newspaper...

Huawei predicts tough year in 2021

Huawei's rotating chairman, Eric Xu has said that the company expects 2021 to continue to be a challenging for as the impact of US...

Huawei describes US sanctions as lose-lose

Rotating Chairman of Huawei, Ken Hu has said that the US sanctions had a negative effect on both Huawei and its US suppliers who...

Kenya: Safaricom launches first 5G network in East Africa

Kenya's leading telecoms operators, Safaricom has launch 5G technology trials for its customers in that country. The trial, which is for both individual and enterprise...

Huawei details 5G device IP royalty rate

Huawei has revealed the royalty rate for its 5G handset technology for the first time, as it stepped up efforts to increase transparency around...
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