Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Huawei beats Qualcomm as global leader in wireless patents in 2020

A recently published report indicates Chinese tech giant Huawei leads the charge in wireless communication patents in the world this year. Huawei has reportedly filed...

Huawei asks UK to reconsider ban as Trump has lost

Huawei has reportedly gone back to the United Kingdom to ask for reconsideration of the ban on them since US President Donald Trump, who...

Huawei shrinks smartphone business for survival

Huawei has been battered by a long US campaign against the company. Now it is hunkering down for survival by selling off its budget smartphone business. A...

Huawei readies 5.5G in spite of attempt to clip its wings

As America leads several western countries to ban Huawei from 5G networks, the company is rather going ahead of the game by detailing a...

Sweden halts 5G auction after court grants relief to Huawei

Sweden last month followed the United Kingdom in banning Huawei equipment from its 5G network citing national security risks and asked companies taking part...

Sony gets license to supply camera sensors to Huawei

Huawei has been restricted by the United States after the company has been put on Entity List last year. A couple of months ago,...

Apple drops to fourth in worldwide smartphone market share – Report

Newly released estimates from research firm IDC put Apple in fourth place among the world's top smartphone vendors after the tech giant reported a...

Huawei plans to build chip plant without U.S. technology

Huawei Technologies is planning to build a chip plant in Shanghai without using American technology, as it seeks a new strategy to overcome increasingly...

Samsung joins companies seeking to save Huawei

Samsung Display, a division of the South Korean smart devices giant, Samsung, has got a license to continue supplying certain display panel products to...

As Google faces anti-competitive charges in the US, regarding its dominance in the search engine market, Huawei has launched an enhanced version of it...
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