Friday, July 1, 2022
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Meta defends privacy policy makeover

Facebook owner Meta Platforms has detailed an update of its privacy policy to make the rules for using its platforms easier to understand and...

WhatsApp changes privacy policy in Europe, what about Africa?

WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy for Europe in response to a massive fine issued by the Republic of Ireland’s data protection regulator for...

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is here

WhatsApp’s 2021 privacy policy update deadline is here, and users will now have to accept it or they will lose access to all the...

WhatsApp explains new privacy policy to customers as deadline nears

As the May 15 deadline for Facebook to implement the new privacy policy on WhatsApp, the tech giant has started explaining the policy to...

Facebook heavily criticized for targeting children with Instagram for Kids

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has come under heavy criticism for its plans to build a new version of Instagram specifically for kids. The move promises to...

Facebook data breach – are you a victim? Find out.

Facebook is reportedly making it difficult for users to find out if they were victims of the recent massive data breach on the platform,...

Exposed: Facebook leak reveals Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal app

The recent leakage of 533 million Facebook users' personal information has exposed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a user of WhatsApp's rival messaging app,...

WhatsApp explains what happens if you don’t accept new privacy policy

WhatsApp has detailed what will happen to users who don’t accept its new privacy policy in an FAQ on its website. According to the company,...

WhatsApp to share more info on controversial privacy policy

WhatsApp has outlined plans to share more information about a controversial privacy policy update in a bid to stem user concerns, after it was...

WhatsApp downloads drop as user join Signal, Telegram

WhatsApp has experienced a sudden drop in new downloads amid a major surge in popularity for rival messaging apps like Signal and Telegram, according to the latest figures. Downloads...


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