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US stops Nvidia from shipping AI chips to China, Russia

Nvidia, the world’s largest maker of artificial intelligence (AI) chips, is at the heart of a new round of U.S. tech sanctions targeting China...

US bans telecom giant China Unicom over spying concerns

China Unicom has become the latest Chinese telecoms giant to be banned from the US over "significant" national security and espionage concerns. The Federal Communications...

Huawei plans to build chip plant without U.S. technology

Huawei Technologies is planning to build a chip plant in Shanghai without using American technology, as it seeks a new strategy to overcome increasingly...

Samsung joins companies seeking to save Huawei

Samsung Display, a division of the South Korean smart devices giant, Samsung, has got a license to continue supplying certain display panel products to...

Huawei still serving European 5G clients in spite of US heavy...

Chinese telecom giant Huawei is finding it harder to counter U.S. sanctions designed to choke off its access to semiconductors but can continue to...

Huawei is still the leader on 5G commercial contracts

Chinese vendor Huawei went ahead with its big pre-MWC event in spite of everything and the standard levels of self-promotion took place. Just as with...

Huawei chair tackles US onslaught

Huawei rotating chairman Guo Ping (pictured) argued the vendor holds sufficient stock of smartphone and network equipment to overcome supply chain obstacles raised by...

US claims against Huawei unfounded, bound to fail – US-China Expert

A senior fellow at the Center for China and Globalization in the US, Harvey Dzodin has stated categorically that the US strategy to use...


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