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US scrambles to prevent China chip sanctions from disrupting supply chain

The US is scrambling to tackle unintended consequences of its new export curbs on China’s chip industry that could inadvertently harm the semiconductor supply...

US to tighten chip export sanctions on China

The Joe Biden administration plans next month to broaden restrictions on US shipments to China of semiconductors used for artificial intelligence and chip-making tools,...

Huawei connects Mate 50 with space

Huawei has launched its Mate 50 series in the Chinese market, with the pro device including limited satellite connectivity but still no 5G access,...

Huawei just booked its first sales rise since US blacklisting

Huawei Technologies reported its first quarterly sales rise since the end of 2020, as the Chinese telecommunications gear giant fights the US blacklisting that...

Huawei would have been bigger than Samsung if not for US...

The CEO of Huawei Technologies, Richard Yu has said that if not because of US sanctions against Huawei, that led to its devices and...

Huawei pumps $22-billion into R&D to beat US sanctions

China’s largest tech giant Huawei Technologies invested a significant US$22.1 billion into research and development with the aim of thwarting crippling US trade and...

Huawei finds way into Mobile Payments amid Google ban

Huawei is skirting around US restrictions that prevent it from using Google's Android software by installing NFC payments functionality across its smart phones with...

Yahoo quits China

Yahoo, the dot-com pioneer that’s now part of Apollo Global Management’s media empire, is getting out of China because of the mounting hurdles to doing...

US sanctions take a hard toll on Huawei’s revenue

Huawei’s revenue for the first nine months of 2021 fell by almost a third year-on-year, largely attributed to its consumer business where it suffered...

Huawei outshines Western rivals, braving US’ constant attacks

Faced with US government suppression, China's technology giant Huawei has reshuffled its business structure since late 2019, investing more resources in software innovation to...


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