TCL Ghana boosts TV viewing experience with the 55″ C815 QLED 4K TV

TCL C815 QLED 4K TV is a complete home entertainment set

There is nothing more captivating about TV viewing than having quality pictures and sound that create a feeling that the viewer is part of the action in real life – that is the kind of experience the 55” TCL C815 QLED 4K Android TV offers Ghanaians.

With its Quantum Dot and QLED display, the device completely transforms TV viewing experience, by presenting a richer and brighter color than ever before, and improves the performance of color.

Its Dolby Vision and HDR10+ provide viewers extraordinary color, contrast, and brightness to the screen, so one can get perfect picture quality in every scene.

Additionally, the IPQ Engine with artificial intelligence (AI) technology dynamically improves the display effect and its detail enhancing, make the picture more layered and content details richer.

It also promises viewers an incredibly immersive Dolby Atoms sound experience for movies, music, and video games, while the Onkyo High-class 2.1 sound system with Subwoofer on the back of the TV, give the viewer cinema-quality audio.

“Now you can talk to your TV directly, and have easy access to your favorite content with integrated Hands-Free Voice Control Feature,” a write up by the company said.

Indeed, previous versions of TCL TV’s were noted for providing voice control features on the remote control, but the C815 4K TV comes with a nob at the back, which allowed the user to issue voice commands directly to TV without using the handheld remote control.

Powered by the advanced AI technology and the latest TCL Android OS, its equipped with MEMC, Micro Dimming, Dolby Audio, DTS Sound, Chromecast built-in function & Google Assistant.

In Ghana, the retail prices for the TCL C815 QLED 4K TV is GHC6,000 even though it is selling for over US$2,000 elsewhere.

Before you say it is expensive, let’s run through the several features that make the C815 QLED 4K TV a complete home entertainment set on its own, without any additional detached speakers and subwoofer.

 Google and Alexa Assist

Control your TCL TV and compatible Google Assistant works with Alexa smart devices around your home using just your voice. Combined with TCL’s Artificial Intelligence (AI-IN), Hands Free Voice Control allows you to access and control content and devices, turn on your TV, switch inputs, adjust the volume, and more from a distance without a remote control.

You can even ask questions, organize your calendar, plan your travel and enjoy a whole new level of smart integration all on the C815 QLED 4K TV.

All one needs to access the Google and Alexa assist is a reliable Wi-Fi network, Google account and compatible smart devices.

It is however important for the user to speak the language the device understands and ensure voice clarity, otherwise the voice command may not always deliver or respond to the requested command.


The Android operating system in the TV means smarter entertainment. It makes it easier to get more from your TV – Google, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon, Alexa, Netflix, TVNZ OnDemand, Amazon Prime among others.

One has a choice from 500,000+ movies and shows from across streaming services, plus it allows the user to cast photos, videos, and music from compatible smart devices to the TV with the inbuilt Chromecast.

Quantum Dot and Dolby Vision

Great and immersive picture quality

Offering pristine picture quality by enhancing colour volume, Quantum Dot technology gives you pure, true to life images.

“The extraordinary 3D-like depth of the pictures leaves you fully immersed in every scene,” the company said.

As if Quantum Dot was not enough, the picture quality is further improved with the renown Dolby Vision technology which transforms viewing experience. Dolby Vision gives more natural-vivid colours, extraordinary brightness, deeper darks and a better-balanced picture compared to standard HD – taking the viewing experience to a more refined level.

Wide Colour Gamut

Immersive picture quality

But that’s not all. There is another layer of technology designed to even take the picture quality to another level.

“Imagine pictures so real, it’s like you’re actually there,” – that is what the Wide Colour Gamut technology delivers; an unparalleled image quality, with a rich and expanded range of natural colours – opening viewers’ eyes to a whole new world

Onkyo Audio and Dolby Atmos

In-built speaker and subwoofer

All the immersive and colorful pictures are reproduced with an Onkyo Audio and Dolby Atmos, which are the industry leaders in sound.

Onkyo audio creates unique soundscapes, coupled with world-class picture quality, leaving the viewer with an unforgettable experience.

The Dolby Atmos technology, on the other hand, takes the sound experience to breathtaking levels. Dolby Atmos offers exceptional audio that fills the room and flows around and above the view, so one feel like “you’re a part of the action all in the comfort of your own home.”

Clear Motion Rate (CMR)

When things get action packed, you don’t want to miss a detail. Clear Motion Rate technology steps up to the plate while you’re watching sports or fast-paced shows or movies. It helps reduce motion display blur and keeping motion trails to a minimum, making viewing experience always crystal clear

Entertainment Hub

Complete home entertainment set without detached speakers

The TCL C815 QLED 4K TV is not complete without the content needed to make it a true entertainment hub. It promises some of the world’s best entertainment right in one’s living room.

“You can watch all your favourite shows, movies, music, games and apps in one easy place – your TCL viewing options are endless,” the company said.

The device also assures viewers of the best of free local and international content, depending on which country one is in.


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