Tecno, Infinix topple Apple in Ghana, as Huawei fail to show

Tecno and Infinix handsets are doing great in Ghana

Mobile phone vendor market share statistics for Ghana between July 2019 and July 2020 indicate that Tecno and Infinix, both of which belong to China’s Transition Holdings, are dominant brands in the country, only behind Samsung.  

Meanwhile, Huawei, which appears to be popular in the country, with some of the phones that give great user experience, did not even show in the top five.

Tecno and Infinix are strong in Ghana – Huawei is missing

The data collated by StatCounter GlobalStats indicate that Samsung tops the pack with 23.71%, followed by economy brand, Tecno with 18.52% in second place; then Infinix placed third with 15.03% (might have something to do with Shatta Wale as brand ambassador).

Top US brand, Apple is fourth in Ghana with 13.74%, then a brand described as “unknown” holds 7.01% in fifth place, as another Transition Holdings brand, Itel place sixth with 6.5%.

So, even though Samsung sits at the top of the market, the combined market shares of three brands from Transition Holdings; Tecno, Infinix and Itel, give the Chinese phone manufacturer 40.08% market share in Ghana, almost twice Samsung’s market share.

Meanwhile, the performance of hitherto popular brands in Ghana like Nokia, LG, Alcatel and Motorola seem to now be a far cry from their former glory.


Smartphone league table in Africa

Meanwhile, at the continental level, Huawei held 17.64 per cent market share, which makes it the second largest on the continent in terms of smartphone sales, pushing the US market leader, Apple to the third with 11.08 per cent, more than 6 percentage points behind China’s Huawei.

Meanwhile, the market leader in Ghana, Samsung, also holds the top position in Africa with 33.66 market share, which is almost twice what second place Huawei holds, and more than three times Apple’s market share.

Coming in behind Apple is another economy brand, Tecno, with 8.93 per cent market share, while Infinix also makes a strong showing at fifth place with 6.28 per cent.

Global shipment

Worldwide smartphones sales league table

Meanwhile, with respect to global smartphone shipment in the first quarter of this year, statistics from IDC indicate a total of 275.1 million, out of which Samsung still dominates with 21.2%, while Huawei, again comes in second with 17.8%, meaning it pushed Apple again to the third with 13.3%.

For the same period the previous years – 2019 – Apple held almost 20% of the smartphone shipment, while Huawei could manage only a little over 15%, but the story is different this year.

Contrarily, in terms of global smartphone sales, StatCounter GlobalStat reports that, even though Huawei may have shipped more units than Apple, the latter holds 24.82% global market share (sales), while Huawei could manage less than half of that – 10.75% – in third place.

Again, the biggest winner in terms of sales is Samsung, with 30.95%.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi came in third on the global level with 8.94% sales out of 10.7% phone shipment; followed by Oppo with 4.69% global market share; then Mobicel with 3.46%.

But on the global shipment side, Vivo was fifth with 9%, while the remaining 28% were categorized as other phones.


However, the picture is completely different in the USA, where Apple commands a comfortable lead with a whopping 58.78% market share, following by Samsung with 25.22%, which is less than half of Apple’s market share in that country.

Even though Huawei made an impressive showing in Africa and at the global level, it fell far behind it contenders at those two level in the USA, coming fifth with a paltry 1.o8% market share in the USA.

Between second place Samsung and fifth place Huawei in the USA, comes South Korea’s LG – 4.74%, America’s Motorola – 3.34% and Google – 2.67%, in that order.

But that is not surprising, as the US government under President Donald Trump has done more than enough to make Huawei unpopular in that country, with unproved allegations that Huawei has fitted spy devices in their backend equipment and handheld devices.


In Europe, Samsung sits on top of the pack with 34.4% market share, followed by Apple with 25.71%, then Huawei with 18.6%. China’s Xiaomi seem to be enjoying some popularity in Europe with 8.54% market share at fourth place, while LG and Motorola comes in fifth and sixth with 1.78% and 1.58% respectively.


On its home ground, China, Huawei leads with 29.45%, followed by Apple with 20.36% and certain unknown brand (possibly Samsung) comes third with 10.28%.

Another home brand, Xiaomi is next in line with 8.16%, then Hisense (a brand gradually gaining grounds in Ghana) is next with 7.92% of the Chinese market, followed closely by Oppo with 7.24%.


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