Top 10 Ghanaian Tech Companies by Employee Count, According to LinkedIn


    Ghana’s technology industry is one of the most vibrant in the country.

    The “Tech” industry, as it is popularly called, has become a significant part of both small and big businesses, as well as everyday life. Most things are now digital. From agricultural processing to health care, every industry is thriving now on the backbone of technology and software.

    In Ghana, there are about 537 information technology companies according to My Health Basics. These companies are diversified in service offerings and the products they build to enhance everyday life.

    The growth experienced in the Ghanaian tech space has been phenomenal, to say the least. The number of tech companies in Ghana has increased exponentially from what it was about a decade ago. While part of this growth could be attributed to the rising need for technological innovations, much of this growth is owed to the availability of human resources.

    The success of any tech industry is partly dependent on the level of skilled human resources available to them. In recent years, organizations that are geared towards training and developing such skills have sprung up. Notable amongst them are Developers in Vogue, and Ho Node, to mention but a few.

    This article covers the top 10 Ghanaian tech companies that have the most employees championing their cause. The research data provided in this article is solely based on the company’s LinkedIn profile. It does, in no way claim to be an exact reflection of what the numbers may be.

    So, here’s a list of the top tech companies in Ghana in 2022.

    1. mPharma

    Number of employees (According to LinkedIn): 430

    At the top of the list is mPharma. mPharma is a technology-driven healthcare company building an Africa that is in good health. Established in 2013 by Ghanaian-born, Gregory Rockson, the company’s mission is to increase patient access to high quality medications. Through their drug benefits service, they offer a number of solutions to health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to make it easier for patients to afford their medications.

    1. Hubtel Limited

    Number of employees (According to LinkedIn): 146

    Known by many as the quick commerce company with the fastest delivery time and cheapest food delivery rates, Hubtel is a messaging, payment, and quick commerce company. The indigenous Ghanaian company helps connect businesses connect with customers while helping customers find and pay for anything nearby. You can order food from your favourite restaurant, buy a new phone, buy airtime and internet data, pay for your DSTV subscription, and send money to anyone via Mobile Money or bank account, all on the Hubtel app or website (

    1. Esoko

    Number of employees (According to LinkedIn): 106

    Esoko is an online agricultural marketing and messaging service based in Accra, Ghana. The service sends out market data and other information to individuals, agribusinesses, government agencies and projects by text messaging, and also gives personalized price alerts, buy and sell offers, bulk text messaging, stock counts and polling via text.

    1. IT Consortium

    Number of employees (According to LinkedIn): 79

    IT Consortium is a financial services technology solutions provider. The company’s mission is to provide innovative systems that bring obvious value to its customers. Some products and services that the company offers include, payment aggregation, technology for educational institutions and enabling foreign remittance.

    1. Zeepay

    Number of employees (According to LinkedIn): 76

    Zeepay is a Ghanaian owned financial technology company focused on providing integrated mobile payments services with mobile wallets targeting the unbanked and banked population with the objective of bringing the unbanked into the financial stream and easing payments and collections for the banked population.

    1. Farmerline

    Number of employees (According to LinkedIn): 67

    Farmerline is technology a company that develops solutions to increase access to farmers and simplify transactions throughout the agricultural value chain. The company’s focus on creating lasting profits for farmers everywhere has fueled innovations. The company believes that they are building the Amazon for farmers where they can access timely services and other quality resources at affordable prices in their community.

    1. Nsano Limited

    Number of employees (According to LinkedIn): 63

    Nsano Ltd is one of Africa’s pioneering fintech companies with specialty in mobile financial services, mobilemoney aggregation, remittance, and building custom financial service applications. Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, Nsano has also launched operations in Cote d’Ivoire, Zambia and Uganda.

    1. DreamOval Limited

    Number of employees (According to LinkedIn): 61

    DreamOval is a software development company that ‘makes life simple’ through tech-based innovations. They do this by connecting their strong internal community of young but highly skilled entrepreneurial team and an external community of successful Africans whose lives are tangibly improve.

    1. expressPay Ghana

    Number of employees (According to LinkedIn): 56

    expressPay is an eCommerce market place and a payment gateway provider.
    As a market place, expressPay gives consumers real time access to services such as airtime for all the major telcos, Surfline internet, Vodafone broadband, DStv, GOtv, etc. A few taps on your phone and your service is restored in seconds. It also offers real time payments for services such as schools and hotels with lots of other segments in the pipeline.

    1. Rancard Solutions Limited

    Number of employees (According to LinkedIn): 53

    Rancard enables global brands to connect with relevant mobile audiences. The company’s rendezvous social recommendations engine and R2 artificial intelligence platform power conversational commerce to enhance engagement and conversions for retail brands, publishers, content providers and mobile carries globally.


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