VisitGHANA App launched as one-stop-shop for tourism industry

    Dr. Ibrahim Awal, Tourism Minister
    A new app, dubbed VisitGHANA has been launched as a one-stop-shop for tourism services and destinations in Ghana.
    The app is the culmination of the National Tourism Destination Single Window (NTDSW) project, designed to be home for all tourism destinations, operations, services and give potential tourists easy access to that information.
    Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mark Okraku Mantey who announced this on his Facebook page, said “I am happy to announce that The National Tourism Destination Single Window project was successfully launched on Monday, July 12, 2021.”
    According to him, the project births the VisitGHANA app; an all-in-one app and platform dedicated to streamlining the services and operations of the Ghanaian tourism industry.
    VisitGHANA app has become the go to platform for both domestic and international tourists to find information about all the destinations, services such as hotels, restaurants, car rentals and more.
    It has the details of all tourism destinations and services including the various sites, hotels, restaurants as well as car rental services, plus their various gradings and contact information.
    Michael Kpingbi – Acting Manager of Operation, Ghana Tourism Authority
    Acting Manager of Operations at Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), Michael Kpingbi told TechGh24 the details of the various industry players come in the form of pictures, videos and text to give potential tourists a holistic feel of what to expect.
    He said the app, which is currently available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, is not just a source of information for tourists, but also allows tourists to actually transact business with operators digitally.
    “Unlike other travel apps and websites that provide information on tourist sites and services in Ghana without giving access to tourists to actually pay for service, VisitGHANA allows tourist to pay for the service via Visa Card, MasterCard and mobile money from any part of the world before arrival,” he said.
    He said each operator and service provider on the app had to pass a stringent standards test before they were put on to ensure that no shabby and shoddy operators in put on the app to tarnish the country’s image with poor service.
    Michael Kpingbi is confident the VisitGHANA app will boost domestic tourism, which is currently very low.
    The App is just one aspect of the entire NTDSW project, which comes in three modules.
    The Deputy Minister wrote that the newly launched project is categorized into three segments, dubbed “modules”.
    Module 1 focuses on enhancing the tourism levy collection process to raise the needed funding for destination marketing, capacity building and infrastructural projects.
    Module 2 aims at automating Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) processes and providing a seamless interface with relevant stakeholders.
    Module 3 targets the promotion of Ghana as an attractive tourism destination.
    Akwasi Agyeman – CEO, Ghana Tourism Authority


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