WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook Apps start showing ‘Meta’ branding


Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and other Facebook apps have started showing the company’s new ‘Meta’ branding on both Android and iOS devices.

The update comes a week after Facebook announced that it is changing its company’s name to Meta. The renaming is aimed at going beyond traditional social media and better reflecting the company’s ongoing investment towards an immersive experience called ‘metaverse’.

Alongside Facebook, Microsoft and other tech companies are moving towards developing their own metaverse-focused offerings. But Facebook wants to gain the first mover’s advantage with its rebranding.

The timing of the rebranding was also to cure the badly damaged reputation of Facebook over  safety concerns and the company’s deliberate breach of users privacy, as revealed by a a whistleblower and former Facebook staff, Frances Haugen.

First spotted on recent WhatsApp beta versions for Android and iOS devices last week, the Meta branding has started to appear on the splash screens of the latest versions of WhatsApp, InstagramMessenger, and Facebook apps.

It is however unclear whether there are any changes coming to the Facebook apps as a result of the rebranding.


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