WhatsApp: Over 2billion users send about 100 billion messages monthly


Over two billion WhatsApp users send close to 100 billion messages each month, said the Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp to mark its 12th anniversary.

“More than two billion users turn to WhatsApp each month to send 100 billion messages and to connect more than one billion calls each day,” said WhatsApp on Twitter.

On the 12th anniversary, the company reminded users that it is committed to ensuring a their privacy with end-to-end encryption “always and forever”.

“We are and will continue to be committed to your privacy with end-to-end encryption. Always and forever. Happy 12 years WhatsApp!” it said.

WhatsApp is observing its 12th anniversary amid a backlash by users over the newly issued terms and services.

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Despite the backlash, the company has said that it will go ahead with new terms.

However, the Facebook-owned company has said that it will start “reminding” people to accept the updated terms and conditions after asking users to review the terms of service and privacy policy.

WhatsApp posts first Status update to ease users’ privacy concerns

Last month, WhatsApp started to use its status feature update in a bid to allay users’ concerns that the app will not violate their privacy.

Bought by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps of all time, used by an estimated two billion people across the globe.

However, ever since its announcement a few weeks ago that WhatsApp has the right to share user data across its other units such as Messenger and Facebook, users around the globe have been switching to other messaging platforms.

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The user data included phone numbers, locations and other information.

Why are users switching to other apps from WhatsApp?

Ever since WhatsApp introduced its new terms, users around the globe are switching to Signal and Telegram, its rival messaging platforms.

Geo Pakistan had reached out to digital rights expert Usama Khilji to explain the impact of the new policy.

Khilji, who is also a director at digital rights organisation Bolo Bhi, had said that one-to-one conversations between users will “remain encrypted”.

However, he explained WhatsApp will provide “some information” to its parent company Facebook.

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Khilji had said WhatsApp will now be able to share a user’s status, mobile being used, internet and the phone number and IP address being used by an account.

“They will use this information to target you through Facebook ads,” the Bolo Bhi director had said.


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