WhatsApp Suddenly Strikes At Rival Messengers With Stunning New Update


Following the recent challenge posed to WhatsApp by it much smaller rival, Signal, the globally acclaimed messaging App, used by over two billion people, has announced a sudden and surprising update soon to go live that will address some of WhatsApp’s most critical missing functionality.

The battle between competing messengers is heating up fast. WhatsApp prides itself on its balance of security and functionality, and on keeping Facebook’s marketing and data monetization hounds at bay. Yes, it’s quite clear that WhatsApp has a treasure trove of metadata to mine, but our messaging feeds are not yet littered with ads and our content remains locked away from prying eyes.

While the main threat to WhatsApp clearly comes from Apple’s iMessage and (possibly) the Google-driven rollout of SMS-successor RCS, in reality it is way ahead of the field in both usage and userbase. But in recent months the soaring growth of its much smaller rival Signal has been a cause for concern. Signal offers genuine multi-platform access, a secure way to transfer chat histories to new devices and, most recently, desktop voice and video calling to address our increasing need for secure, home-based video calling.


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