WhatsApp Web could soon support audio and video calls


There is no doubt that WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging apps and it is only getting better and better. Aside from the ones that is installed on our devices, there is a web version of it as well called WhatsApp Web and while it has been getting some interesting features, the ones that we have heard about today are the best. According to the latest tip, the WhatsApp Web could soon get support for audio and video calls.

New Leak Suggests That WhatsApp Web is Getting Support for Audio and Video Calls

The leak is coming from the ever so trusted WABetaInfo, and they reveal that the latest 2.2043.7 version of WhatsApp web/desktop client is going to enable the feature for audio and video calls, however, it might take some time before this feature is available for everyone to use.

You can see in the screenshot that shows how the WhatsApp Web will show a small popup window when you receive a call, which will then allow you to either accept or decline the incoming call. You can, of course, make a call to someone as well and a smaller popup window will appear on the screen that will show the status of the call. Aside from making calls to just individuals, you will also be able to make calls to groups from WhatsApp Web.

At the time of writing, the feature is currently under development, however, according to WABetaInfo, this feature is going to start rolling out to the users pretty soon. Aside from this feature, WhatsApp is also getting support for Linked Devices in the near future which will WhatsApp users to send and receive messages from their computer, Facebook Portal or their web browser.

Given how WhatsApp has become the go-to for pretty much everyone you can think of, it should not come as a surprise that having WhatsApp Web is definitely something that a lot of people are going to enjoy and for all the right reasons as well. You will not be regretting with such an amazing tool at your disposal.


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