Zeepay partners with Moove to drive digital payments on Uber


Zeepay, the leading African Challenger Fintech with operations in over 10 African countries has announced a partnership with Moove, sub-Saharan Africa’s first flexible car ownership company to make digital payment easier for riders.

The partnership will enable Uber drivers and riders on Moove to receive and make digital payments, respectively.

Last year, Moove began a partnership with Uber across sub-Saharan Africa to provide brand new leased cars to current and future Uber drivers. Moove has launched in two countries with plans to continue scaling across Africa.

Per the deal, Zeepay will provide a seamless, efficient and robust payment platform for riders who use Moove-powered Uber vehicles. Riders can make payments with their mobile money wallets as Moove cars are equipped to accept only digital payments.

“Leveraging our bulk wallet API, Uber drivers on Moove will receive instant payments,” said Felicity Jaforktuk, the Zeepay product manager of mobile money. “This is a landmark opportunity, and we are working hard to serve thousands of users in the coming months.”

Moove Ghana’s Country Manager, Jephthah Datsomor also said: “Enabling efficient payments from both driver and rider’s perspectives constitutes an integral part of the overall Moove experience. The platform provides the required functionalities to complete end-to-end transactions whilst ensuring financial security for all parties. These are the reasons we have selected Zeepay as a key digital payments partner for Moove’s operations in Ghana.”

Zeepay Chief Commercial Officer, Dede Quarshie added: “We are optimistic about our partnership with Moove to provide a safe and secure payment platform to Uber users on Moove. At Zeepay, we believe in financial inclusion as we aim for a cashless society through digital payments across Ghana.”

As part of an ongoing commitment to safety, particularly in the current fight against COVID-19, Moove cars are fitted with transparent and Perspex partition screens to separate the driver from rear seat riders.

Zeepay is the fastest growing mobile fnancial services company across Africa with operations in Ghana and United Kingdom and terminating to 20 countries across Africa with termination agreements in over 90 jurisdictions globally. The company specialize in remittance termination into mobile wallets and are completely network and partner agnostic.

Zeepay is a wholly owned Ghanaian company and regulated in the UK by Financial Conduct Authority-FCA #592538 and in Ghana by Bank of Ghana- PSD/ZGL/20/03 under the Payment Systems and Services Act, 2019 (Act 987). Zeepay supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 3 and is considered a financial inclusion company positioned to improve last mile access.

Moove is sub-Saharan Africa’s premier flexible car ownership company and Uber’s preferred feet partner on the continent. Moove – a subsidiary of Grace Lake Partners was founded on the principle of creating shared value in the markets where it operates. It is an international company, headquartered in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) with operations in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. The product portfolio includes Drive-to-Own and Rent-to-Own options, each catering to a driver’s Uber history, performance and credit worthiness, whilst following international best practices.


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